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Danbury, CT



So happy With this dentist
Would definetly recommend this dental office. Specially Brookfield. Very beautiful office.

Very happy
I was very happy with my experience. Everyone is very nice. I am very phobic of dentists and such due to a bad experience when I was younger and I didn't feel that way in this office visit.
Laura M.

fantastic dentist,can't say enough good
I went to the dentist for a root canal,i didn't feel a thing,the experience was great,talked to all my friends about it and i was proud to have such a great dentist.
Monique J.

What Great caring Staff!!!
I was doing a root canal,It had to be done over a period of weeks because it had to be medicated. They took such great care of me,asked me so many times if I was in pain and I was fine. I would highly reccomend New England dental staff for any dental needs!!!!.
Karine A.

Very happy
I am very happy with the professional care that I received.
Jack D.

Quite Satisfied
Quite Satisfied.
Wayne K.

very pleased with first experience
I was pleased with the range of dentists and treatment options available.
Fred T.

Pleasant Staff & Efficient Work
I went in for braces and the entire staff was not only friendly, but explained everything in a no nonsense manner along the way. Both the dentist and assistants were efficient in their work and made you as comfortable as possible. This has been a great experience thus far.
Brianna D.

Great with my special needs child!
Jacob is autistic and the staff was excellent with him. They were very patient and kind.
Jacob O.

very happy
Had a great dentist. Very friendly, caring staff!!!
Monica D.

Very happy with Dentist and Staff
It had been 10 years since I last visited any dentist and I was a little bit nervous. The staff was very friendly and assured me that the visit was going to be painless. It was a very good experience overall.
Paul A.

Very Pleasant Staff
Overall its a very good experience with New England Dental. I went in for my 1st cleaning in over 5 years. The wait for the 1st appointment was about 40min which was annoying. The cleaning though was quick only about 30min in the chair. After that I had several cavities taken care of, this was a shorter wait only about 20-30min and then about 90min in the chair (I had 6 cavities to be drilled and filled). Finally I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted at the Brookfield office. The wait here was short 10 or 15min, and the procedure was only a little over an hour. Recovery time was pretty good, I was back to eating normally on the 4th day. The 1st three days after were the most painful and tough due to swelling. After a full week I was pretty much back to normal. During all my visits the staff was very kind. Asking if I was in pain or if there was anything that I needed. I would say the doctors are as gentle as possible. I did kind of get the feeling of being on an assembly line during the 1st visit. I assume this slightly more detached approach is how it is at a large practice. Not as personal as a smaller practice where you always see the same dentist, you may see a different dentist here depending on the time of your appointment. All in all though I think this practice is well run and does generally care about their patients.
Stephen Y.

glad i came back now that there is new office manager
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I LOVE the Dr and the dental team. I have been waiting 2 years to get my dentures I now have complete faith that the process Will finally be completed. The new staff was caring and sensitive to My situation.. I can't wait to finish what we started
Penny S.

I do Like the Dentist
much happier at the Brookfield office the Danbury office has too small a waiting area and too many kids
Eric M.

dentists are amazing
i had a bad bad bad fear of the dentist due to a bad experience elsewhere. i needed to go because 3 teeth had cracked and were chipping to the point that the teeth were almost gone! usually i need to be sedated before i even get into the chair but i am currently having about 10,000 worth of work done(been there 4 times thus far and other things were wrong) it the dentists really put your mind at ease. after 9 fillings, 1 root canal and 2 crowns i have felt NO pain during the procedures and after. they take care of you. they really do. i am scheduled for 3 more appts and its almost like nothing at this point. they are very honest and explain everything. the dentist i am working with is dr shaw. nice nice man. the office staff is terrible. no personality at all and frankly 2 girls are uite rude but its okay when waying the good with the bad. i highly suggest this group.
Jennifer G.

Extremely happy with New England Dental
Overall I am very pleased with the services and treatment I have received at New England Dental.
Elina C.

happy with my visits
each time i have gone - i have been pleased with the staff and the work done for me .
Ingemarie H.

very happy with service
the manager was very friendly and explained everything that was going to be done
Lucas V.

Happy and relaxed with my visits
I usually dread dental visits, but dentist and the office staff help make my visits much more relaxed. My treatment plan requires a number more visits, and due to my experience so far I will not hesititate to keep up with my treatment schedule.
Bruce H.

Danbury Office Needs to be Cleaned!!
The staff are friendly and amenable, Unfortunately the Danbury Office are Grungy and needs a good cleaning from the dirty and stained carpets in the waiting room to the dust encrusted vents and ceiling tiles in all areas not a great thing to look at from a chair, while hygiene is a must for all Dental Practitioners it doesn't extend to the examination rooms. The Brookfield Office is night and day in comparison to Danbury.
Alan W.

Happy with this dentist
I certianly advise everyone to go to this dentist. Its very nice office in Brookfield and Danbury.